What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprise is a growing business model. It allows social entrepreneurs the flexibility to accomplish two things:

1. Make a profit.
2. Make a social impact.

Whether a social enterprise is a for-profit or nonprofit, they use business principles for social good.

Shoes With Heart is a social enterprise with a commitment for social change. We work with shoe drive fundraising sponsors throughout North America to help them raise thousands of dollars quickly. The gently worn, used and new shoes collected by our sponsors are shipped around the world to our micro-enterprise partners. In other words, our social enterprise provides you with a unique opportunity to raise money and support micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations.

Our work with micro-entrepreneurs helps them create an economic path for themselves and their families. Because of the shoe inventory we deliver, small business owners around the world have a chance to make money to survive and even thrive. The money then gets reinvested in these communities for schools, businesses and hospitals, for example.