5 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters

posted on September 12, 2018

Every day dogs, cats, and other animals find themselves in a situation where they are in need of humans to help them. Thankfully, many organizations and groups are working to improve animal welfare. According to the ASPCA, here are a few of the vital statistics:

  • Each year, about 6.5 million animals enter into U.S. shelters. 
  • 5 million of the shelter animals are euthanized. 
  • 2 million are adopted annually from shelters.

Rescue groups and shelters need financial resources to pay for critical necessities such as veterinary care, medicine, food, and promotion of the organization so animals can be adopted. If your group is looking for animal shelter fundraisers, there are several great types of fundraisers to help you raise the money you need for the animals in your care.

  1. Shoe drive fundraisers

One of the best fundraisers doesn’t require that you ask anyone for money or have them sell anything is by doing a shoe drive fundraiser. A shoe drive fundraiser is a creative way to raise funds by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes from your supporters and community. The shoes collected are eventually consolidated with many others from fundraisers across the country and shipped to micro-entrepreneurs in need of economic opportunities around the world. Also, shoe drive fundraisers allow participants to help the environment because the shoes are repurposed and given another lease on life!

  1. Yappy Hour

If you live in a town or urban community where going to happy hour after work is done by many, then you have the ingredients for a successful yappy hour. All you have to do is to partner with a popular bar or restaurant and tell them that you will help promote their establishment. Ask them for permission to charge an entrance fee at the door, if you’d like, or create a fundraiser where people donate in advance of attending the event. Your yappy hour can take place in a private room or even the whole place if the bar or restaurant agrees to provide your charity with a percentage of the profits for the evening.

  1. Animal Tags

A fun way to get additional funds into your coffers is to arrange with a third-party supplier to sell personalized animal tags. Encourage the people who adopt the animals from your group to purchase an animal tag with their new pet’s name on it. You can also get the tags onto your website and social media platforms and sell them to your supporters on an ongoing basis. Make sure to account for any postage and mailing and add a profit margin for your organization. Also, make it a point to tell people who purchase the dog tags that the money spent on their tag will help them support animals in need of homes.

  1. Doggie Date Auction

What a fun way to help your supporters meet others than by having a doggie date auction. Recruit volunteers and their pets to auction themselves out for a date night. When you have your auction, encourage people to bid on the human (and dog) date night. It can be done at a fun evening event, combined with a yappy hour, or even done online with the assistance of auction tools. Make sure to promote your doggie date auction, and if you happen to have many singles, this might be a fun and an ideal way for you to raise money and perhaps even find your supporters a date for themselves and their dogs!

  1. Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is the most significant global fundraising day of the year, and for 2018, it is happening on November 27th! Mark your calendar and get the word out that on November 27thyou need your supporters to do two things. 1) Donate to your rescue or shelter, no matter the amount. 2) Take a picture of themselves and their pet tagging you on their social media platforms saying they donated so they can help spread the word to their social network and amplify your request. Ask them also to use the hashtag #GivingTuesday and a hashtag related to your organization.


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