About Us

Our Story Begins With Heart

The story of Shoes With Heart begins in Southern California with Angeline Young and Rose Pirio who founded the company. It became that state’s leading shoe drive fundraising business. In early 2016, Funds2Orgs, the largest shoe drive fundraising company in North America, acquired Shoes With Heart.

Shoes With Heart had an excellent reputation within the Southern California borders, and as Funds2Orgs exponentially grew, it became clear that individuals and families needed support, as well as community organizations, for their unique needs. It was at that point that the team understood we would work toward helping a different niche with their needs. Our partners have included:

  • Families in need of funds for medical expenses.
  • Adoptive families looking to raise money for adoption costs.
  • People in need of service animals, such as dogs, including the nation’s military veterans.
  • Community groups, particularly the small ones on the front lines trying to make their part of the world a better place, such as food banks, women and children’s shelters and homeless organizations.

Shoes With Heart provides our partners with everything they need for what often turns out to be a unique fundraiser because of the compelling story about a family, cause or community need. We’ve seen many of our partners end up talking about their stories and their shoe drive fundraiser in the local news. Our team knows how to work to support the efforts of people, families, and communities that have a cause that can open many hearts.

Those are some of the top reasons to join the shoe drive fundraising movement TODAY!