Our Team

Kevin Albert

Fundraising Coach

Debbie Baker

Client Success Specialist

Beth Blackwell

Management Information Systems Specialist

Brandon Busche

Fundraising Coach

Judith Camacho

VP Finance/Compliance

Jim Cundiff

Fundraising Coach

Courtney Eaton

President – Logistics

Wayne Elsey

CEO | Head Coach

Victoria Farrer

Manager, Client Success

Deborah Fede

Shipping and Receiving

Angela Foglesong

VP Branding

Kristy Fontelera

VP - Marketing

Barbara Fortilus

Marketing Assistant

Nicole Freese

Fundraising Coach

Beth Gordon

Sneakers4Funds - Strategic Marketing

Johanna Heiber

Client Success Specialist

Tom Henderson

President/Chief Fundraising Strategist

Yvonne Keller

Chief Operations Officer

Rafi Norberg

Marketing Strategist

Donna Paulus

VP of Client Relations

Uriel Tarin

Rest in Peace
1984 - 2017

Tyler Tucci

Logistics Specialist