There are nearly 400,000 children in need of a permanent home and living in foster care throughout the United States. While adoption can bring a family immense joy, it can also be a financial strain. Adoption costs range from $10,000 to more than $40,000 and for thousands of families, this is an extraordinary sacrifice.

Shoes With Heart, and its parent company, Funds2Orgs have worked with hundreds of adoptive families. We know how to help you tell your story, based on the experiences of other adoptive families we’ve worked with so you can promote your shoe drive fundraiser and your efforts to bring a child into your home. There’s no need to ask anyone for money or sell merchandise that no one wants.

In this creative fundraiser, all you have to do is request gently worn, used and new shoes of your family, friends, and community. Just ask your friends, supporters, and community to give you the shoes they no longer use or want and turn the footwear into currency for your adoption!