4 Amazing P2P Campaigns for Your School Fundraiser [Guest Post]

posted on November 14, 2019

When planning a fundraiser for your school, creativity is key. You want to choose a fundraiser that can raise a lot of funds for your school’s programs, classes, etc. But you also want to choose one that will engage students and get them excited to participate. Leveraging a peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising campaign is an excellent […]

Sixth Mass Extinction Event: Why It Matters to You

posted on October 30, 2019

If you’ve kept up with the news, then you know there’s been a lot of discussion about combating climate change. Unfortunately, we also find ourselves facing the sixth mass extinction event in the history of the world. And, as animals and insects die, we face the fact that we each have to do more. While […]

Cheerleading Fundraisers That Actually Raise Money

posted on October 16, 2019

Have you wondered what some of the best cheerleading fundraisers are out there? Well, the Forest Hills cheerleading team discovered that it’s a shoe drive fundraiser. Kristen Turner was the coordinator for the fundraiser. She was searching for fundraising ideas for cheerleaders on Google. And, then she came across an article that listed several kinds […]

Board of Directors: Is Your CEO Tanking Your Group?

posted on October 2, 2019

Board of directors for nonprofit organizations have a responsibility to their charity. But, sometimes, leaders think their priority is the CEO. Yet, this not the case. There are several core obligations for nonprofit boards, which include the following: Duty of Care: What this means is that board leaders have to take part in the nonprofit […]

Mission Trip Fundraising for Travel to Uganda

posted on September 18, 2019

Photo courtesy of Danielle Jackson Photography So, this is a follow-up to a great mission trip fundraising story. Recently, we wrote an article about a favorite partner, Danielle Jackson. And, if you were to speak to Danielle, you would not only connect with an excellent photographer. But, you would talk to someone full of life […]

Therapy Dog Fundraising: A Girl’s Story

posted on September 4, 2019

We love sharing our partner stories with you. And, today we have the chance to share one about Emily. Emily seeks to make an impact on the world because she cares about her community. She’s also someone who understands that, yes, one person can make a difference. With the support of her family, Emily decided […]

Animal Rescue Raises Money In a Whole New Way

posted on August 21, 2019

Over three years, one small animal rescue raised nearly $4,000. And, it’s not involved asking anyone for money or to sell merchandise. What’s made it even better is that Dog Gone Rescue is in a rural area. So, it goes to show that location doesn’t matter. If you have a great cause, you can raise […]

Back to School: Clarke School for Hearing and Speech

posted on August 7, 2019

Back to school time can be lots of fun, but it can also be stressful. Not only is it a new routine for the kids, but parents know they’ll have demands on their time—and money. Each year, there are always new back to school outfits to get. Of course, it’s also essential to make sure that the kids […]

Nonprofit Executive Director: 3 Essential Activities

posted on July 24, 2019

Perhaps you’re looking at nonprofit executive director jobs for a new opportunity. The chances are you’ve seen some that may have caught your eye. Since the Great Recession of 2008, nonprofit growth has increased. There are a few reasons for the creation of new nonprofits. Even though many people think there are too many doing the same […]

Creative Fundraising Success: 7 Brilliant Tips

posted on July 10, 2019

Creative fundraising doesn’t have to be hard. But, we also know that many people who work in nonprofits love the mission. Still, fundraising can be a challenge. Because of new priorities from younger generations, and technology, fundraisers have more pressure. Nonprofits have to prove they’re making a difference. And, they’re also challenged to grow to […]