Creative Fundraising Success: 7 Brilliant Tips

posted on July 10, 2019

Creative fundraising doesn’t have to be hard. But, we also know that many people who work in nonprofits love the mission. Still, fundraising can be a challenge. Because of new priorities from younger generations, and technology, fundraisers have more pressure. Nonprofits have to prove they’re making a difference. And, they’re also challenged to grow to […]

Birthing Center and Mission Trip Fundraising

posted on June 26, 2019

If you were to speak to Danielle Jackson, you would get to know one of the most energetic people we’ve met. We got to know her during her mission trip fundraising. In the past, Danielle was a social worker. And, as she said to us when telling her story, she’s “of people and family.” In […]

Professional Organizations for Teachers: Fundraising

posted on June 19, 2019

Professional organizations for teachers are always in need of fundraising dollars. And, one of our favorite partners is the New Bremen Teachers Association (NBTA) because they got everyone involved in a creative fundraiser! NBTA needed to raise critical funds for scholarships for seniors in need. So, by doing a shoe drive fundraiser, they were able […]

Adoption Fundraising: Two Sons From China

posted on May 22, 2019

Adoption fundraising can be an awesome adventure. One of our favorite stories of love comes from the Humphrey family. The Humphrey’s had two biological children, Jaxon and Ella. In 2015, they adopted Maxen who was born in China. But, this is not your usual adoption story, because the Humphrey’s biological children and also Maxen have […]

Fundraising Ideas: The Corporate Way

posted on May 8, 2019

Fundraising ideas are necessary for small community groups looking to raise money. As a result, these groups are in the frontlines. They’re trying to make a difference in their communities, but they need help. Are you a fundraiser who’s looking to be a genius with your boss or board of directors? If so, have you looked […]

Leadership Myths That Hurt Your Nonprofit Organization

posted on April 24, 2019

Although we work with many small community organizations, we’ve realized that leadership plays an integral part in their success. Even if a nonprofit is small with three, or even one person who is actively working the day-to-day, there are still responsibilities that small community groups have to their boards and also to their communities. Those […]

4 Paws for Ability and Your Service Dog Fundraiser

posted on April 10, 2019

This week our team wants to give a shout-out to 4 Paws for Ability. We’ve known this excellent group for years because we’ve had families who require a service dog do a shoe drive fundraiser with us. Perhaps you or a family you know has a child in need of a service animal because of […]

Ways to Reach Major Donors You Didn’t Think About

posted on March 27, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of small community organizations and animal groups do a lot with few resources. While every donation is vital for the success of an organization, one great strategy that you can use is to pursue even a few major donors. Major gifts, for some organizations, represent a significant percentage of their revenue and […]

How 3 Girl Scouts Made a Global Difference for Their Silver Awards

posted on March 13, 2019

We get to meet many great people doing awesome things with our shoe drive fundraiser social enterprise brands. We’re happy to share with you another one of those heartwarming stories on our blog. Three local Girl Scouts, Ansley Barker, Isabella DiLorenzo, and Isabella Potts sought to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes in their community to […]

5 of the Best Ways to Ensure Nonprofit Retention – Part 2

posted on February 27, 2019

Earlier this week, I wrote about the five top reasons that nonprofit retention can be difficult. If you want to read the article in greater detail, you can view the full post here. However, in brief, the five reasons are as follows: Money Excess work Leadership Communication Mobility Let’s go a little deeper into each […]