Creative Fundraising Success: 7 Brilliant Tips

posted on July 10, 2019

Creative fundraising doesn’t have to be hard. But, we also know that many people who work in nonprofits love the mission. Still, fundraising can be a challenge. Because of new priorities from younger generations, and technology, fundraisers have more pressure. Nonprofits have to prove they’re making a difference. And, they’re also challenged to grow to scale. The reason is that social enterprises and for-profit companies are now involved in social good. As a result, there’s more pressure now on fundraisers than there has ever been.

Small community organizations are on the front lines giving people food, shelter, and medicine. They need more help now than ever. So, let’s explore seven ways that any small nonprofit group can expand their donor support. Doing a fundraising campaign doesn’t have to be hard!

Tell them your fundraising goal

It’s a mistake when charities don’t tell donors how much they need to raise. When doing a fundraising campaign, you have to do a few things. One of them is to tell people the amount of money you need. But, because donors have many more options to help a good cause today, you also need to tell them why you need the money. For instance, you can say that you have to raise $5,000 in the next three months in your fundraiser. The monies that raised will go to help give food to 50 families with young children. The more clarity you provide the public, the greater success you’ll have achieving your fundraising goal.

Let the public know about your impact

There was a time when nonprofits told a story of someone in need and people donated. That’s no longer the case. When you’re thinking about creative fundraising ideas for your next campaign, think about the story of the impact. In other words, people need to understand why they have to give your their funds. Be specific with your goal, as explained above. But, also tell them what the money they donate to you will do. Who will it help? How many people? How will the fundraising dollars help? One of the best ways to convey this to the public is to explain it through the story of someone who will be helped.

Create urgency to your creative fundraising campaign

One of the things most fundraisers know is that urgency matters. Let’s face it. People are busy. So, it’s important to give them a deadline for helping you raise the money you need. It’s not like you don’t need the funds, and the cash flow will help you make an immediate impact. In turn, that will help you raise more money in another fundraiser because people will see that their money helped the lives of others. Let your supporters that you want to raise money in 30, 60 or 90 days. Make sure to plan out ways to reach out to people several times through emails, old school letters, and digital marketing. And, don’t forget that as you send out fundraising appeals to update people. Tell them about the funds raised to date as you increase the urgency toward the deadline.

Consider doing a creative fundraiser

Donors are asked for money from not only your nonprofit but others as well. They have to give money to their children’s school, churches or because their friend has a birthday and their raising money on Facebook. So, when you’re thinking about fundraising ideas, you want to be as creative as possible. Think about different types of fundraisers that can be combined with other efforts for more revenue. For example, you can consider a shoe drive fundraiser, and also sell t-shirts or have a movie night. When you do a creative fundraiser, which is different than just asking for money, your group will stand out in your community.

Make a specific call to action

Good fundraisers understand that people have too many options in this world. One of the most important things you can do is to make a specific ask or call to action (CTA) request. If you have people who are new to your list, ask for a contribution for $10, for instance. Or, if you have donors who have supported you in the past, bump them up in their giving by a specific percentage. When you provide people with a clear call to action, you help them make a decision. They can give you exactly what you want, which is what you want them to do if possible. But, if they can’t give you the request, at least they have a frame of reference and can contribute as they can.

Keep your fundraiser top of mind

When you are doing a fundraising campaign, don’t make only one ask for a donation and then forget to follow-up. It’s the experience of marketing professionals that the first request only informs. When they make a second or even third request, they experience higher participation. As a result, remember that a successful fundraising campaign requires many requests and updates. Use social media to your advantage and inform the people about the good you’re doing in the community. That way, when they receive your fundraising campaign request, know who you are and what you’re doing. As your fundraiser progresses, give lots of thanks and updates.

Your donation form matters

Finally, when people are motivated to give to you, they want the donation process to be as easy. That means you have to make sure that your donation forms are simple for people. If people have to fill out long and complicated forms, they’re not going to stick around to make a donation to your fundraiser. You’re in luck, if this is something you have to improve, there are a lot of great companies that can help you make sure that you’re donation forms are customized to your needs. Remember, you want to make things in this world of data and massive amounts of information as simple as possible.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post about how to make your next fundraiser a great success. Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard for community groups.



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