Fundraising Ideas: The Corporate Way

posted on May 8, 2019

Fundraising ideas are necessary for small community groups looking to raise money. As a result, these groups are in the frontlines. They’re trying to make a difference in their communities, but they need help.

Are you a fundraiser who’s looking to be a genius with your boss or board of directors? If so, have you looked at corporations? We know major donors give a lot of support. Yet, there’s a reason why charities want to raise funds from businesses. Namely, it’s because companies are giving significant money to good causes.

Why corporate fundraising is an excellent fundraising idea

Raising money from businesses can be a unique fundraising idea for your nonprofit organization. The public loves the idea of patronizing corporations and companies that support charities. In the old days, that meant that the CEO of a company had his or her pet projects. But, today it means that companies are showing the public what they value. For instance, if they care about the environment, they are supporting environmental groups. If they care about education, they are helping educational and youth development charities. Creating a corporate giving program is sure to make you a superstar fundraiser!

Be a corporate fundraising superhero?

The first place to begin is always with a plan. It’s important to realize that you have to create a roadmap, and start with a few questions. Ask yourself how much you would like to raise for your programs from businesses. Next, you should research companies and see what multi-national corporations operate in your town. Those companies want to support local charities. Look at how much they give to other nonprofits and determine a fundraising goal for each entity on your list. Certainly, a straightforward activity you can do is to create a matching gifts program. All you have to do is inform donors of the companies that match their charitable contribution. You can do this well with a platform such as Double the Donation. Don’t forget––you can also seek grants, in-kind gifts, or recruit volunteers.

Give the business donor a boost

Your fundraising ideas for business contributions will be successful if you help them. Remember, companies want to show the public that they’re doing good in the community. It can look a little self-serving if they give themselves a shout-out. In other words, they’ll be looking for you to help them in the community. Think about creating press releases, events and other activities.  That will allow you to say that specific business is supporting your cause. When you do this, there’s an added benefit to you. Share the love! When other companies see corporations involved in your work, they’ll want to help you as well.

Finally, ensure to report all activities. Above all, these include volunteer program, financial support, matching gifts, in-kind, etc. Companies will want to see the impact of their donations. Collaborate with corporate partners about what they need. And, don’t forget to ask them how they want the data presented.

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