What is Repurpose

Repurpose: (transitive verb): to give a new purpose or use to
In America, Pinterest, LifeHacker, and other DIY sites have created a buzz for repurpose ideas. Daily posts constantly encourage readers to recycle, reuse, and repurpose items they already have to create functional or decorative projects. But did you know, your repurposed goods could create economic stability and hope for individuals, families, and communities in developing nations?

At Shoes With Heart, we define Repurpose as “reusing with a purpose.”

Most Americans admit to having more stuff than they use on a daily, even yearly, basis. Shoes and clothes lay un-worn in the bottom of drawers and baskets. But what good is doing other than taking up space? Are these truly sentimental items or are you just too busy to deal with them?
At Shoes With Heart, we want your gently worn, used and new shoes. This footwear provides an amazing economic boost by creating micro-enterprise opportunities in developing nations like Haiti and many parts of Latin America and Africa. Instead of holding on to the items you no longer wear or use, give them new life and repurpose them to change lives in remote communities around the globe.