Why Shoes

We’ve had many of our partners come to us because they needed to raise funds and were too embarrassed to ask for money from their friends or families. We’ve also had local community organizations want to raise funds for their causes and help spread the word in a way that is unique so they can differentiate themselves from the other organizations in the area.

Shoes With Heart helps you raise money for your family needs, medical expenses, service animal, adoption or local food pantry, women and children’s shelter or homeless organization in a creative way. When you collect gently worn, used and new shoes, the following is what happens.

Raise Funds

You raise funds you need without asking anyone for money. Instead, you ask your supporters and community for shoes and Shoes With Heart issues you a check. The more shoes you collect, the higher the amount of the check.

Social Responsibility

More than 600 million shoes are disposed of annually in ways that are harmful to the environment and health. A shoe drive fundraiser helps you and your community to repurpose the shoes––give them a new life––in developing nations.

Social Change

If you’re wondering what happens to the shoes you collect, here’s the answer: The shoes are consolidated with thousands of others and shipped to developing nations. Micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners) then sell the footwear in their local communities for a profit. Remember, in many developing countries, because of systemic poverty, millions of families have limited work opportunities.

To read more about “Why Shoes?” click here to download our white paper titled, “Why Shoes? The Story of Mico-Enterprise”.