How to Stay Motivated: 4 Tips to Keep Going

posted on August 26, 2020

Every day when we come into the office, we have music blaring. In fact, our team feels pretty good about things, despite the situation in our country. The bottom line is that to get through tough times, you have to master the art of how to stay motivated. That’s essential. Learning and developing your positive psychology skills will encourage you and everyone around you to dig deeper and go farther.

During situations such as these times, people could quickly get unmotivated. Right now, we have millions of people not knowing how they will pay bills. Those who do have jobs wonder how they could deal with the stress of their home and work challenges. As we know, uncertainty is not easy, and operating with stay-at-home orders, remote working, or homeschooling children (unexpectedly) is a lot to handle for anyone. Still, motivation and remaining positive is essential now more than ever.

Here’s the reality; you have to think big—always—in every aspect of your life. And, the next thing is you have to remain consistently motivated to achieve success. So, if you lead a small community organization, or are wondering how that adoption is going to come through, remain motivated. Now’s not a time for mediocrity or coasting. Now’s the time to think about realizing the full potential of your life, your goals, or your organizational objectives.

Be crystal clear on what you need to do to change things in your life

First, you have to be exceedingly clear about what you want to do. You have to set a goal in your mind that is as vivid and sharp as a photograph. If it’s a goal for your organization, then you have to communicate it to your team. What’s more, you have to get everyone on board. For all of us to lift and do the rebuilding together of our communities, it’s going to take everyone’s efforts. So, determine what you need to do, and make it a point to come back to that goal each and every day. By doing so, you will stay motivated because you have a purpose.

People have lots of ways to stay focused and motivated on their goals. For instance, some create vision boards where they post pictures of what they want or the life they want. Any visual imagery can keep things sharp in a highly tactile and visual way. Other people write down a very detailed series of goals and how they will get there. If you have thought of how to raise money for a cause when it’s hard, then goal-setting should be for you and your team.  Another strategy is to set your phone with an alert every morning with the goals you want to achieve for the day. All of these ideas help you and others with how to stay motivated. In short, keep the goals front and center.

To stay motivated, own the situation—whatever it is

Once you’re clear on the goals, you have to own it. In other words, owning it simply means being committed to it. One of the best ways to stay motivated and committed to something is to tell others about it. When you tell others about your plans, you place yourself in a situation of risk. In other words, you could succeed, or you can fail. Of course, if you’re failing, you’re trying, and that’s essential to move forward.

Nevertheless, by telling others, you make public your thoughts, and the people you tell will come back to you and ask you how you’re coming along. As a result, sharing what you or your organization plan to do to successfully, keep you motivated, and everyone on your team as well. Telling others is one of the best ways to own a decision. So, shout your goals from the mountaintops. Tell everyone once you’ve made decisions because it will help you stay accountable.

Take it in small parts to stay motivated

Let’s say that you’re looking to accomplishing a big goal. And, during this time, it’s likely that many people have many goals having to do with surviving and thriving. So, another essential thing to keep motivation high is to break things down into smaller parts and milestones. You can’t do everything at the same time, and sometimes big goals take time. By breaking things into milestones, you give yourself a hit of dopamine by succeeding at achieving the smaller goals.

Unfortunately, although we live in a world of instant gratification, that’s simply not how things work. It takes time to develop the thinking and logic behind what you want to do and then to execute it. So, you need to think of your goals as something that will take time. They take time to build, but doing them in small parts is the best way to help you ensure you achieve success and stay motivated. Remember, it’s not a race. You’re not looking to finish fast. You’re looking to finish best.

Staying in the same place isn’t possible—so move

Finally, one of the reasons most people don’t get where they want to go and don’t remain motivated is because they simply do not move. Remember when you were in science class in grammar school, and you learned Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion? If you remember nothing else, remember this from Newton—a body in motion stays in motion, unless stopped by some force. And, a body at rest stays at rest.

You’ve got to move, and you can’t stay put. If you want motivation, you have to move toward your goals every day. If you don’t do that, things won’t happen in your favor. So, keep moving.

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