Shoes With Heart, a brand of Funds2Orgs, has worked with many families in need of funds for medical expenses. Some of these financial needs have included the need for money to pay for medical deductibles, surgery costs, medical equipment (e.g., assistive vehicles, scooters, furniture) and home healthcare supplies.

The reality is that the United States has the highest costs for medical care per person than any other country in the world. It also means that medical costs are significant for millions of families across our country. If you’re in need of raising funds for a medical necessity, Shoes With Heart gives you a creative fundraiser where you never have to ask anyone for money.

By collecting gently worn, used and new shoes from your friends, family, and community, you can get the money that you need for your medical and healthcare needs. The more shoes you collect, the higher the check will be that is issued to you by Shoes With Heart.