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posted on April 16, 2020

We don’t need to tell you that these are tough times, but your nonprofit can still thrive. Remember, after the 2008 recession, many nonprofits did close. However, the groups that adapted to change were able to continue to deliver essential services in their communities. In fact, some even grew larger because of their innovation, creative fundraising ideas, and action. So, what our team decided to do today is provide you with the best nonprofit resources available as you navigate through uncertain times.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 Funds

If you check out our partner brand, Funds2Orgs, you’ll learn of many sources providing nonprofit help. Below, we’ll highlight a few of them, but we encourage you visit this vital landing page for more information.

1. Giving Compass Nonprofit Resources

Giving Compass is providing an excellent guide for nonprofit resources. It includes state initiatives for nonprofits to get funds during this critical period.

2. Understanding the CARE Act

As you know, the federal government enacted the CARE Act to help small businesses (including nonprofits). Get a better understanding of what it means for you to get nonprofit help.

3. Nonprofit Resources from The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has been around for a long time and has lots of goodwill in the industry. As you will see by going to the landing page, you’ll explore what nonprofit resources the paper of record is offering.

4. National Council of Nonprofits

Another stalwart in the industry is the National Council of Nonprofits. It, too, is publishing continual and updated resources so you can get the nonprofit help you need.

5. Nonprofit Happy Hour

As you will see, when you visit the page, the group at Nonprofit Happy Hour has great information that they’re exchanging through Facebook.


There are many more nonprofit resources available on our partner’s special landing page, available to you right now. However, we also understand that groups need marketing resources as well to promote their causes and raise awareness. Therefore, if you need the best ideas for spreading the message about your nonprofit, download an exclusive guide for kickstarting your social media efforts.

Finally, we know that people want to help and make a difference, despite the challenges in their own lives. So, once you get started again in your fundraising efforts, don’t forget that a shoe drive fundraiser is a way to raise critical funds—without asking for money.


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