Purchase Starter Kit

Purchase additional starter kits to help with your fundraiser!

Per the signed shoe drive fundraising agreement between your organization and Funds2Orgs, you will receive a Starter Kit with rubber bands and collection bags. Need additional bags and rubber bands? Order additional Starter Kits here. Each Starter Kit includes enough supplies to collect 100 bags of gently worn, used shoes.

Before ordering additional materials, please speak with your Fundraising Coach. Shoe drive partners may be eligible for additional Starter Kits at no additional cost per their signed agreements.

For all shoe drive partners, Funds2Orgs will reimburse your organization the cost of additionally purchased Starter Kits if you fill your additional supplies plus your original Starter Kit once your shipment is reconciled.

(Please note- we will only reimburse your organization if you purchase your additional materials through Funds2Orgs. No outside vendor materials will be reimbursed.)

The purchase price includes all shipping and handling costs.