Rebuilding Together: Your Community Needs You

posted on May 27, 2020

Did you know that April was National Rebuilding Month? In short, through the month, events happen in communities across our country during the month-long call to service. Each year, thousands of volunteers give of their time toward rebuilding together. As we all know, this year, the idea of rebuilding has taken on a special resonance. And reconstruction is not an activity that should only happen in April. It has to occur year-round.

The reality is that, as Harvard Business Review stated in an article, social good groups are struggling. Unfortunately, a lot of it depends on money. But, although community groups, adoptive families, and medical organizations need funds, they are sensitive about asking. Still, it takes money to rebuild together. As a result, the causes that get creative with their fundraising will be the ones that excel.


Rebuilding Together Begins With Creativity

Fundraising for any good reason, including rebuilding together, begins with good fundraising ideas. As an example, you can check out this list of 80+ Unique (And Easy!) Fundraising Ideas. As you’ll see, shoe drive fundraisers are one of the top ways to raise money—without asking anyone for money. That’s right, by doing this no-money fundraiser, your champions can support your cause. You just collect shoes, and then a leading social enterprise gives you the money you need in exchange for the shoes.

How to Engage Your Community with Real-world Fundraising

We know that one of the essential activities for fundraising is engaging your community. So, once you decide on your fundraising idea, working toward rebuilding together means ensuring high engagement. You may ask yourself, where can you possibly begin? We have several awesome ideas for you.

  • Tweak your messaging to rebuild together.

    • Humans are inherently social, and they care about each other. As we rebuild together, one of the messages you should include is that sharing is caring. This idea is especially true when fundraising is hard. For example, by sharing in a shoe drive fundraiser, the shoes people no need get repurposed to help toward social good.
  • Use social media effectively.

  • Get creative about your fundraising efforts.

    • We’ve had one of our partners use their neighborhood Facebook group to great success. Our partner was a family looking to raise funds for an adoption. In their local group, they encouraged people to leave bags in their driveways filled with shoes, which they picked-up for their shoe drive fundraiser.
  • Emails still work to support your rebuilding together marketing.

    • Within our social enterprises, we always use email because it works. So, an excellent idea for help in rebuilding together for your fundraiser is to kickstart your email marketing. Here’s an excellent article in Forbes that lays it all out for you.

In sum, rebuilding together means that families, nonprofits, and others have to consider the powerful ways they can make a difference. Every one of us can do something good for our local communities, but also people living in developing nations, and even the planet. Sure, we understand that things may seem difficult at the moment, but there’s always a path forward. And, when you put out into the community the ideals of solidarity and hope, you will find people who will join you in rebuilding our communities.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi


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