Service Animals

Shoes With Heart and its parent company, Funds2Orgs, have had the privilege to partner with U.S. military veterans and families, including children, in need of service animals. A service animal, such as a dog, can be a game-changer for a person in need of this type of aid. For a veteran, a dog can assist with PTSD. For others, it can mean independence and the ability to improve their lives significantly.

However, the costs for a trained service animal can well exceed $20,000, which is often far out of the reach of many families, including our veterans and young families. With Shoes With Heart, veterans and families have a chance to raise funds, without asking people for money or loans.

The more gently worn, used and new shoes you collect, the greater the amount of the check that will be issued to you by Shoes With Heart. A shoe drive fundraiser is one where almost anyone can participate because many people have extra shoes they no longer want or need. Shoes With Heart helps you turn those shoes into money for your needs.