Small Community Organizations Raise Money with Shoes

posted on August 29, 2018

Every day in countless communities across the United States, we find small community organizations doing whatever it takes to keep individuals and families who are struggling with going under from doing so. Many of these groups include veterans groups, food pantries, women and children’s shelters and charities that work to aid the homeless.

Are you familiar with these organizations in your community? 

Were you aware that these social service agencies have the toughest time raising money for their causes?

Many community organizations have a difficult time raising funds for their essential cause because, often, they work with the most vulnerable and marginalized people. These nonprofits are the ones that are called when women and children need a safe shelter following a domestic abuse incident. They help address the needs of men and woman who have bravely placed their lives on the line in our military and who are in need of extra support when they return from combat.

When the winter weather begins to lower temperatures in our cities and towns across the country, it is the homeless shelter groups that go out into the community trying to encourage people who are homeless to go to their warm shelters so they can be safe from the cold and to have a warm meal. It is also these groups that provide food to families living in poverty who might not have enough to eat on any given day.

What these community organizations do is nothing less than heroic, but because they are dealing with very challenging issues, candidly, topics that many people would rather not face, the groups struggle to raise the necessary funds they need. It’s an ongoing struggle.

You can help.

You can do your part today to assist these groups that serve as a vital lifeline between individuals and families living on the edge and their hope for a better future. And, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

By collecting gently worn, used and new shoes, many groups across the country or their supporters have discovered a way to help charities that work with some of the most marginalized members of society. Our partners have asked their neighbors and community to give them their shoes, and once Shoes With Heart has received the footwear, the local community organizations have received a check that’s helped them pay for their necessities to continue to operate and do their work.

When supporters or small community groups have reached out to us, there’s never been a need to front any costs. In fact, there are zero out-of-pocket costs for doing a shoe drive fundraiserwith us. And, our partners also receive everything they need, which includes the marketing and promotion materials, shoe collection bags and rubber bands, and pick-up of the shoes from a storage location.

Anyone can play a part in the community to help those most in need by promoting a shoe drive fundraiser where support can come in the form of shoes.

Oh, and one more thought…

If you’re wondering what happens to the shoes, the footwear collected is consolidated and shipped by Shoes With Heart with thousands of others from shoe drive fundraisers and shipped to people in need in developing nations. The shoes become inventory for micro-entrepreneurs trying to create paths out of poverty by selling the gently worn, used and new shoes in their communities for a living wage.

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