Watch a Family Raise Money for an Adoption (Video)

posted on October 24, 2018

We’re so happy to have partnered with Adrianne and Jules Hulls for their adoption shoe drive fundraiser. People who have not embarked on the adoption process may not realize that it is costly to adopt a child. Even though there are hundreds of thousands of children in the U.S. foster care system in need of a permanent home, and millions of children around the world in need of adoption, adoption is an effort that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. As a matter of fact, an adoptive family in the U.S. can expect to pay as much as $40,000 to adopt a child.

Adrianne and Jules Hull decided that they wanted to adopt a child for their family. So far, they’ve had contact with eight birth mothers, but each of the birth mothers has chosen other families for one reason or another, which Jules has been chronicling in his blog Hull Family Adoption. A recent post from September mentions the emotional ups and downs of the adoption journey.

On August 23rd we left for our vacation. The first stop on our trip was to visit our friends Ethan and Sarah for a couple days before meeting my parents in Tennessee for the week. We brought a profile book just incase we would receive a case we wanted to present to. Well, late Friday night we received a really exciting case. A birth momma who was due to have a baby in Florida in just 3 days. It’s hard to explain the way my mind and heart go crazy when we receive these cases. It’s so hard to protect your heart and not start dreaming of all the what-ifs. I am so emotionally driven so immediately I started thinking about that sweet baby and their momma. I started to wonder about how quickly I could get to florida if we are chosen, how we would come up with the remaining money we still need, what things do I need to buy yet, and then all of a sudden I realize those things don’t matter. If this birth momma picks us I will experience the long anticipated joy I have been waiting for for a long time and God will provide for all the minor details. So on Saturday we took our profile book to the post office and sent it on its way to the expectant momma. 

The next few days were long and hard. While I was vacationing with my parents and enjoying the beauty of the smokey mountains, I was still so distracted. I checked my email every 5 minutes, every time my phone rang my heart skipped a beat hoping it was my consultant calling to say we have been chosen. You think each time we present to an expectant momma it would get easier to wait for an answer but it doesn’t. After waiting what seemed like forever we got the dreaded email, “I’m sorry but the expectant momma decided to move forward with another family.” As soon as I opened the email my heart sank. Another no. Each no comes with heartache, tears, and more waiting. It’s been 9 months that we have been walking this road of adoption, and we are still clinging to the hope that God knows the desire of our hearts and has our perfect match already picked for us.

While we can’t spare the Hulls, who are amazing people, the emotional ups and downs that the adoption process can bring, we were able to help them prepare for the eventual child that they will have someday.

With the shoe drive fundraiser from The Funds2Orgs Group, the Hulls collected 7,100 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes. Bags and bags of shoes were stored in their living room, which was just one example of everything they were willing to do to prepare for a child. We’ve issued the Hulls a check for the footwear we received, which go to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations.

We’re looking for the day when we’ll hear that they have brought home the newest member of the Hull family. In the meantime, we’re so proud to have been a small part of their story.


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