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Angeline Young and Rose Pirio founded Shoes With Heart in Southern California. It became that state’s leading shoe drive fundraising company. In early 2016, Funds2Orgs, the preeminent shoe drive campaign social enterprise in North America, acquired Shoes With Heart.

At the time, Wayne Elsey, Founder & CEO, Funds2Orgs said, “The team of Funds2Orgs and I are very excited to have acquired Shoes With Heart. Shoes With Heart is a name brand in Southern California with an excellent reputation in shoe drive fundraising. We look forward to working with their current client base and prospects and welcome them into the Funds2Orgs family as we begin the transition to help them raise money, support micro-entrepreneurs in 25 developing nations and the environment.”

The Shoes With Heart brand is focused on providing Californians and others in the North America with a socially responsible way to raise money and make a social impact. Each year, over 600 million shoes are disposed of in landfills across the United States alone. There’s a better way! A shoe drive is a great fundraising idea that actually does something remarkable for sponsors, the local community and even the world.

1. Shoe drive fundraising sponsors can raise $3,000, $5,000 or more in as little as 30 to 60 days. Shoes With Heart pays sponsors based on the total weight of the shoes collected. That simply means donors and supporters can give to their favorite cause without ever having to give money. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it!

2. A shoe fundraising campaign provides your community with a socially responsible way to dispose of unwanted shoes. Each year over 600 million shoes end up in landfills across the U.S. This is terrible for the environment. Due to dozens of glued and stitched parts to make a single shoe, it takes generations for a shoe to totally decompose. In the meantime, as the parts begin to disintegrate, they emit toxins to the air. These noxious fumes are a health hazard.

3. Imagine your family living on only $2 a day. Unfortunately, around the world many families live in this type of extreme poverty. Shoes With Heart partners with small business owners, or micro-entrepreneurs, in 25 developing countries so they can create their own economic path to financial sustainability and success. Our partners purchase the shoes for pennies on the dollar, often on credit. They repair, clean and sell the shoes in their local communities for a fraction of the original price and at a profit!

Those are some of the top reasons to join the shoe drive fundraising movement TODAY!

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